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Welcome to the Cornwall Parents Palliative Network
We are a support network for all those who are affected by or who offer and/or provide services for children receiving palliative care. In the case of children with complex needs and disabilities, the age range 0-25 years as defined by central government and rolled through the Early Support Structure.
Our vision is to support families in a holistic way, from diagnosis, including during pregnancy, to bereavement and beyond. We can do this through peer support, sign posting information, forums, social networking and recommendations via the internet by also by phone. As the network grows we aim to gain charitable status and funding to enable us to privide support through home visits with befrienders and useful information that can make all the difference with palliative care. We would also like to hold monthly 'meet up' events and maybe even provide reconditioned PC's for people who feel 'cut off' or isolated.
We are all volunters who have direct experience of chronic or accute life threatening conditions that are life limiting. We come from all walks of life and we know that the circumstances through which we have come give us a wealth of experience that is crucial to giving our children the level of care they deserve. Empowering Parents in Cornwall.